Here are Frequently Asked Questions about our services and products. Click on each one to reveal the answer. If you still have a question not answered here please use our Contact Us page.

 How do you develop websites?

We have taken a different approach to mainstream web design companies. Our goal is to make quality and engaging websites affordable to small businesses and organisations. Consequently we have streamlined the whole design process down to one simple questionnaire that can be completed in 10 min. Mainstream web design companies will use a more iterative process using staged development over time. Normally there will be a lot of discussion about the style, image, logo, colours, "look and feel", functionality etc which requires significant effort for both web designers and the clients. After each consultation, developed work should be signed off so that development can continue to the next stages such as creating templates and testing. Consequently there is far more time and effort required by the designers (and clients) which has to be costed in to the price.
In the questionnaire, you will answer guided questions designed to develop the website concept and look and feel. The demo page on our website includes many different style "blocks" to choose from. These blocks should also help you decide what is appropriate for your website. During the questionnaire you will be asked to upload graphics that you would like on the website. These could include, a logo, photos, illustrations, icons etc. We reserve the right to adapt the images as we see fit in order to improve the consistent look and feel of the site. Or if you wish you can leave images up to us as we can provide generic royalty free content.

You will need to decide if you want a logo for the site. If you have one already, include it in the upload, if not we can arrange one for you. 

Please remember to fill in the questionnaire carefully since a small charge is made for future changes.

 What methods of payment do you accept?

Full payment is required for your website once development is completed and before the website is made available live on the internet. Development cannot begin until we have received a correctly completed questionnaire after which we will design and build the website within a maximum of 10 working days. Please ensure that the questionnaire is completed accurately and represents your requirements as changes afterwards incur a small charge.

We can accept payments via bank transfer in GB Pounds or Euros. Contact Us for more details.

We only offer refunds in exceptional circumstances. Our websites are competitively priced because we rely on templated designs and clients providing accurate details in the questionnaire. Unlike physical products which can be returned and resold our websites are uniquely customised which requires considerable time and effort on our part. Errors or bugs will be fixed however changes to the original specification will incur a small charge as detailed on our website pricing page. In summary, to receive a refund you would have to make a clear case that the website does not meet the specifications as detailed in the completed questionnaire. 

 What are the monthly fees?

If you want your website hosted and managed by us, which we recommend if you are busy and want a hassle free website, then we make a small monthly charge. Our service includes managing the domain name, hosting the website, daily backups, security updates and email ticketing support. If you do not wish to use our hosting and management service you may make a change request for us to move the website to a hosting provider of your choice. There will be a small one off charge for this migration service..

 Why do I need a Domain Name?

All websites need a unique address so that they can be found on the world wide web (www). The main address for the home page of a website is the Domain Name. So for example Amazon.com and ebay.es are domain names.

You can choose your free WebUk.es domain name from us. Only letters and numbers with no other characters such as spaces, hyphens and dots. E.g. JohnSmithPlumberAlmeria is OK but John/Smith.Plumber3@Almeria is definitely not OK. You can use hyphens if you wish but they can be seen as a spamming technique and may reduce your search ranking so we advise against them.

You may wish to purchase a separate domain name which will also need to be hosted and managed separately. We can provide this service but we have to charge more than for a webuk.es subdomain.

 What are headers and footers?

All pages will have a Header and Footer Block. The header is right at the top and is "sticky" - it will always be visible even when you scroll down the page. The footer is not "sticky and will only be visible once you have scrolled to the very bottom of the page. The header will have your logo on the left or just your business name if you don't want a logo. We can arrange design of a logo for you if you wish at a competitive rate. On the right side of the header will be the nav bar or menu which will be links to the pages of your website. When viewed on a mobile device the nav bar menu collapses to a button at the top right which has 3 horizontal lines. This menu button is known as a hamburger which ensures that the menu doesn't take up all the available space on your mobile. The footer will contain the nav bar menu, copyright info and a small link saying site developed by WebUK.es. You may also wish to have other information in the footer such as links to your social media sites (facebook, twitter etc) or accreditation logos. Add these to the questionnaire which you complete before commissioning.

 What is a Home Page?

This is the first impression visitors will have of your business or organisation. It should be attractive and engaging, enticing your visitors to stay and read more. It should be visually appealing with quality photos and graphics. Clear buttons, navigation and links as well as not too much text. Most people now access website via their portable devices such as mobiles and tablets - we guarantee that your site will look just as good viewed from any device. The home page will have extra main blocks (apart from header and footer which is on all pages). Examples of blocks are included on the Demo page of our main website at WebUK.es.

 What is an About Us Page?

This could be called Services, Products etc if you wish. The purpose of your business or organisation will be described in more detail. This page should encourage your visitors to take an action whether that is purchase your products or services, support your organisation or contact you for more information. You can have extra blocks (other than Header and Footer) on this page. Tell us about the blocks you would like in the questionnaire you complete before commissioning. Or just leave it up to us!

 What is a Contact Us Page?

This will include clear details of how you wish to be contacted. Such as via email, telephone etc. You may choose a contact form if you wish which avoids making your email visible to spammers. You could also include other details such as address and opening hours. This page has just one block (for contact info) as well as the header and footer of course

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