Mobile - Friendly Websites

... Super fast and ultra secure
... Affordable & attractive
... Low maintenance
... Prefered by Google 
... Behaves like an app
... Short development time

From 385€ 

Our sites start at just 385€. That includes everything to get your website  on the internet. We don't skimp on quaility or security either. Our service of hosting, updates, backups, domain management and email support is just 22.50€ per month.

Safe Surfing

A website is a secure site.  There will be no red "Not Secure" messages in the browser which will put most customers off! Almost all website hosts charge extra for these permanent certificates, however we include them for free.  

Free domain

A website includes a domain name for free.  You choose any name for your website. We then add the ending so your website address would be: These are called subdomains. If you have your own domain already you can point it to your new website.

Fast Loading

Our websites are all developed using Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This means pages load fast and Google likes them for its search rankings. Being very mobile friendly is a bonus as over 50% of people now view websites on their smart phones.
Learn More about AMP....

Hosting and Support

Our service of hosting, updates, backups, domain management and email support is just 22.50€ per month. We use a trusted server host who has 5 stars on TrustPilot. We will also support you directly via email.

Fast Development

A website is ready within 10 working days of receiving your instructions, often much sooner. We use a template based Rapid Development process which means you get a good looking website fast.  

Simple Process

All you need to do is complete a short 10 minute questionnaire which leads you through the design process. We then build the website using your text and graphics content (or we can provide royalty free generic graphics). After the site is finished you can still request changes to your website.  A small fee is applied to each change request. 

Other Services

We can also provide many other services and products. Create a Google Business account so that you will appear on maps. Advise on improving your search rankings. Create a webpage that will take online payments via Paypal (a PayPal account is not required). Set up pages on Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram and Linked In. Restyle existing websites. Set up an online questionnaire and much more...

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